Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Magic of Digital Photography

Author: Steve Harris

Digital photography is helping to revolutionize the way we view our pictures and the way we are able to capture the most breathtaking images.

Digital photography is becoming more affordable every year, and the technology to make fabulous photos is well within the reach of the average consumer.

Digital Photography is more than just using a digital camera; it also entails some post processing in an image editing software to the image you captured with your digital camera. Digital Photography is a process where pictures are taken to a computer disk or memory card rather than film.

Digital photography is one of the late 20th century s most innovative technologies. Digital photography is a radically different kind of photography, because the photographer can finally see what the film sees.

You waste nothing; there's no film required, and because you only print the pictures you need, digital photography is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

First of all, the general claim about digital photography is that it makes photography easier; and that's wrong already. And this is where it is getting interesting because, basically, the argument is that digital photography is better because you don't have to wait. Although the resolution of digital photos is not nearly as high as photos produced from film, digital photography is ideal when you need instant, low-resolution pictures.

For many people, the biggest advantage of digital photography is that it eliminates the need for picture processing. Almost all of the cost of digital photography is capital cost, meaning that the cost is for the equipment needed to store and copy the images, and once purchased requires virtually no further expense outlay. Lastly, digital photography is the future, there's no getting around that, and the sooner you start shooting digitally, the better equipped you'll be to evaluate and handle new technology as it comes out. After all, digital photography is just another tool of modernization showing the advancement of photography in an ever-changing world.

The age of digital photography is here and here to stay. With more than 64 million digital cameras sold last year alone, digital photography is more popular than ever. Once of the best of the long list of advantages of digital photography is the immediate ability to view the scene through the digital cameras LCD screen.

For me, digital photography is also the greatest gift ever and the best thing since sliced bread.

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